5 Bespoke Pages (as per your web content)

Whether you want your customers to be enthralled at the incredible user experience or you want them to buy your exciting product, our bespoke website design will do all of this and much more.

With attention-grabbing layouts and mind-boggling designs, we make sure that your audience converts into customers.

Portfolio of past projects

If you have done amazing work in the past, why not show these off?

Showcasing your previous work gives an insight into your capabilities and puts a positive impression on visitor’s minds.

Our brochure websites highlight your exceptional portfolio so that your visitors know what they are going to get.

Rotating Images Slider and Banners

We understand how important the first impression is.

As soon as a visitor enters your website, he/she starts evaluating you and the work you do.

A rotating slider or banner with captivating stock images or pictures of your actual work will do wonders in creating the all-important first impression.

Image or Video Gallery

Pictures have always had the power to talk without words.

We provide you with a separate image section that can have photos of you, your team working on a project, or any image from your exciting portfolio.

This will surely give a personal touch to your website and help in creating your brand identity.

Contact us form with Google Map & Social Media Integration

The Contact Us form is the climax of the conversion.

Your audience are impressed with your website and now wants to know where you are located and how to get in touch.

Our simple and straightforward form helps them enter their details and send them in a jiffy.

Also, the Google map is integrated on the same page, in case your audience wants to meet you in person.

On-Page SEO & Google analytics integration

On-page SEO refers to the optimization of both the content and HTML source code of a page.

As search engines have become smarter, the strategies have changed drastically over the years.

With our thorough knowledge and expertise in the field, we keep ourselves up to date with the current changes in algorithms.

This ensures that we deliver the best every time you decide to use our service.