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Website Redesigning process and services

Redesigning a website

The process of redesigning as website involves editing the physical looks of the web pages and modifying the code to make it more user friendly to gain more traffic. The ultimate aim of website redesign is to improve the time, the visitors would stay with our webpage before they navigate to another search and also about making the users to visit to your website again.

Search Engine Optimization for website redesign

There are a few factors which have to be given importance while redesigning a website. The primary characteristic is the page load time. The visitors to your website may get irritated when it takes a long time to load pages. It is necessary to alter the code if you have such problems. The second parameter is the content which you have in your website and the degree of its uniqueness. You can make necessary amendments based on the feedback for your website. You can be a visitor yourself and write down what alterations you feel that users would like. The third parameter is the people needs. You would not have given enough importance to the keywords searched by people. You can alter your keywords and make necessary corrections in the content accordingly.

Website redesign services

You could modify the content in the website better than the companies that do redesign services but when you want to improve external factors like navigation to your website, (i.e.) how are visitors able to find your website, or factors like redirecting to a new website with URL modifications, then the website redesign services come to your rescue. These companies are specialized in coding that the spider of the search engines would look through while crawling your website. They help in improving your page rank and increasing traffic for your website. The price for website redesign varies from company to company, and depending upon the worth of your website, the magnitude of content and the requirements you need in terms of search engine optimization.

Important points to remember in redesigning process

Sometimes there are chances for your website to lose traffic if the redesigning is not done properly. Therefore you must be very careful in this process and make sure everything is done properly. The cost you incur for redesigning the site must be worth it. It is necessary that you test yourselves as a user and check if you find differences after the redesigning process.

Some tips in redesigning

Social bookmarking can be very useful for users to find your website. There are several social bookmarking sites like twitter available, which you could use to promote your site. You can add links to SEO directories to improve visibility in search engines. Significant care must be taken to update the contents because visitors do not want to look on outdated information. Adding forums in your website can help you as well as the users. Maintaining constant touch with the users by adding options for them to subscribe to your news-feed, information etc. can be helpful. Thus by redesigning your website, keeping in mind all these parameters, you can enjoy more traffic and improve your page rank in the search engine results.

Website Redesign and Maintenance Services

Today, there are thousands of web design companies that promise to offer exquisite services but some of them end up disappointing. Therefore, you need to know to tell a good web design company even before you engage them. Here are some pointers to guide you:

Company’s qualifications and skills – It is important to take into consideration the skills pool of the company before hiring a webs design company. These include database design, SEO and flash animation among others. The more divers skills set a company has the better because it goes to show their credentials in the field.

Even then, don’t stop at the skills rather, go a step further and find about the competence of the web designers. This information can be found in testimonials from past clients or through referrals. Be sure to ask questions to ensure that the company truly meets your needs.

Portfolio – Taking a look of the portfolio of a company is an easy and quick way to determine the credibility of the company as well as their ability to offer good services. Looking at the portfolio gives insight of their style of web design thus you can tell if their portfolio has similar looks. Even then, do not base your judgment on the first impression rather go deeper. Ultimately, you need to go for a company whose portfolio has websites with a different and unique design because it shows how creative they can get when you engage them.

The Cost vs. value for money – The cost of having your website designed is another important factor for consideration. You can draw comparisons on the costs between different web design companies vis a vis the service they are offering before settling for the best offer. Do not settle for a company that charges very little for its services yet does not deliver on quality. Most importantly, check with the company to be sure that there are no additional charges that will come up along the way other that the initial quote.

Website maintenance and redesign services – Although many people overlook this, you need to keep in mind that you are not a web design guru. Therefore, always find out of the design company offers maintenance and website redesign services especially if you will need to have your website updated regularly or redesigned after sometime. You also need to ask how this will affect the overall cost of getting your website done. or

Website Redesign – Points You Must Be Aware Of

Website Redesign has become necessity for business web design in order to survive in this neck-to-neck competitive Internet marketing. If you look around the business websites, you will find that almost every business sites have gone through redesign of their website once in a while to cop up with latest market trend. Redesigning a website has become vital in website design field and it offers tremendous benefits like helps to get more profits, new look ‘n’ feel for the website and helps to get good feedback from the users as well.

If you are planning to redesign your site then there some points you must be aware of in order to make your website redesign successful.

Redesigning a website is not kid’s play! It is not at all simple as it looks. Web designers need to start from the scratch and they need to make sure that web traffic and SEO rankings of the website be intact while they do redesign of the website. This makes it very difficult for designers and need to come up with proper plan and strategy to redesign site.

Purpose and objectives of getting your website redesigned! This is crucial and necessary thing one should always determine before getting into redesign. One should have idea about the purpose of the redesigning and what they wish to achieve through it. Also there is list of questions like whether site is functioning property or not?  Whether your conversion rates are doing down or not an lot more. So, it is necessary to determine the goal and objectives of redesigning website.

Which type of redesign you are willing to opt for your website? After determining purpose and objectives or re-designing, it must to identify type of re-design you wish to opt for. Identify your needs and website requirements and share it with website designers.

Identify positive and negative elements within your website! Make sure that positive elements and intact while redesigning the site and make sure that all the negative or unwanted stuff get removed during redesign of the website.

Make sure your redesigned website boost up brand image! Always try to make sure that the company logo and other stuff, which help to boost up brand image, are most appealing and futuristic to create brand image of your company after redesign of this site.

Make sure website redesign improves the usability of your site.

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