Is it Advantageous to have your own WordPress Website, or is it better to get one on WordPress?

If you want to create a website, in this day and age ignoring WordPress is a severe mistake. WordPress has several advantages, it gives you a readymade interface to put your content on the internet. It is extremely flexible and can be tailormade to any business or service WordPress is the easiest and the widely used content management system on the internet. It is used by 30% of websites all over the world. WordPress has plugins to enable search engine optimizations, Google analytics integration, to create contact forms, to enable XML creation for Google sitemaps, and many other possible uses.

WordPress is best installed on an independent website, because the online reputation that you create for yourself when you make your website is something of immense value. If you create a domain name and post all your important content on it, you will rank in Google and yahoo, and other search engines. If you do that on all that reputation gets attributed to WordPress, not your domain name.

You should be conscious of this loss of your reputation to WordPress, if you don’t create your own independent website. This is important for anyone who wants to create a long term website. Creating a WordPress website independently is extremely cheap. You can probably start at under a mere $60 per year. It would involve virtually the same amount of work, and would be create a longer term reputation for your website, and brand name for your customers.

That being said, anyone intending to create their own website, should try out the WordPress interface on WordPress’s website. That can give one a significant insight into the working of WordPress, and help one overcome the learning curve, in regard to WordPress.

A basic on page search engine optimization package from an average SEO provider would cost anywhere between $200 to $300. You can literally get that for free, by merely using WordPress. All the steps undertaken by a basic SEO package provider are generally included in WordPress by the very virtue of the script itself. You get free long from html links, tags, title tags, site descriptions that you can edit yourself.

If you get your own website, and a domain name with it, you can create your own email addresses. You can give out email addresses like info, or admin, or user. This makes your business, look immensely more professional. You also get the ability to upload files that are large like PDF files, or video clips etc. You can then send these out, or embed these on your website.

For a small price, you get a great deal in having your own WordPress hosted website. It takes about 5 minutes to install and get up and running, if you have thought of your own domain name. But if you need professionally designed website, then you must hire a professional and reputed wordpress design company who can build you site from bottoms up.