What you need to know before you start a WordPress blog

If you’ve been considering starting a wordpress blog, you have probably run into people telling you that WordPress is the way to go. After all their blogs are flexible and easy to use, and yet they offer endless options for customization. You might have heard about people who make money by blogging and selling adspace on their websites and you’ve decided that you want a piece of the pie. Obviously blogging isn’t a get rich quick answer to all of your money woes, but it can be way to earn some extra cash. If you’re considering using WordPress for your blog there are a few things that you need to know before you signup.

When you choose to start a WordPress blog your basically have two different options. This option is free and still provides most of the flexibility that WordPress can offer. You get to start your own blog, publish posts, and build on online audience. The downfall to this option is that because you are using WordPress to host your blog they technically own your writing.This means that they can take your blog down at any time and for any reason. Although this rarely happens it is still a cause for concern. The larger disadvantage to having WordPress host your blog is that you don’t have your own domain name. This severely limits the growth potential of your blog. If you want to maximize the potential of your blog it is far better to use the second option that is available through WordPress.

By using wordpress.org instead of wordpress.com you can ensure that your blog will have your domain name, and that it will be easily recognizable as yours. Obviously this costs a bit of money up front, but it makes sense if you think of your domain name as an investment in the future of your business. Using a hosting site with your own domain name means that you own the content and can determine what you publish and how you market your website. You still have all of the flexibility and support that WordPress offers along with the added bonus of having complete control of the content that you put on your website.

No matter which option you choose, WordPress provides detailed instructions for getting started. Even if you are choosing to purchase a domain name and use an outside host the process for getting everything set up is very easy. WordPress advertises that they have a 5-minute install that will get you up and running in no time. The customizing and templates are easy to use and thousands of plugins are available that will enable you to professional looking website exactly the way you want it, even if you don’t know anything about web design.

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Custom Web Design- WordPress

Whenever customers click on your page, the first five minute are enough to tell them what they will get from your website. The very five minutes will tell them whether what they were looking for will be found in your site or not. Having this well in your mind, you have to make sure that the features which they are searching for ( the customers) are provided in your website. Some of the features will involve.





-And lastly but the very important professionalism

Any website design, which has those elements, is very sure to compete with the so called mega-businesses, which are known to contain more than 50k customers, selling thousands of products each week. So what is present in those websites which use custom web design and what is lacking? The custom web design allows WordPress features to be used, and this means that most of the websites made using this design are more SEO friendly. It is a factor which determines the websites performance in customer attraction. Another advantage of having this web design is that your business persona is well captured. Your website needs to be able to generate certain specific results. For example, if you sell beauty products, then your site should be able to generate sales.

Custom web design is geared in achieving these kinds of results. A very important feature of WordPress is its ability to have a unique website. Did you know that some business owners are subjected to not getting enough customers simply because the website is ‘just like the other type?’
Graphics used in creating and designing the website have been used elsewhere and thus customers find nothing new. Custom web design ensures that a website created is unique and nothing else can resemble that website. To get the full taste of custom design, it would be advisable to not just emphasize on web creation but also ensure that you first identify the requirements of the customers, and then translate these requirements into feature which can be applied using the custom web design to get nothing but the best.

Convenience of using WordPress Development for your web design work

To ensure a smooth startup, now is the time for you to call a programmer and make sure that your site are in usable condition and that you have the best programs and tools. After you do this, you will not have to worry about the above problems and will be on your way to gaining more business and clients.

5 Tips for using WordPress Development:-

  1. One of the perks of WordPress is that for the most basic options, it is completely free. If later on you want a particular theme or custom design all you have to do is download the newer versions to your website. While these are not free, most of the services should not cost you more than $100.
  2. If you are somewhat tech savvy, then you can easily clear errors in the system by yourself instead of hiring a programmer. With the help of WordPress, you will save money and solve technical issues without any extra hassles.
  3. Templates are normally expensive, especially if you are looking for high quality, custom templates. With WordPress, you can find many template designs for free. This is a good option for smaller businesses, of for those that are just starting out.
  4. WordPress can be accessed from any place and in any part of the world. No longer will you have to manage without when you are travelling or working outside of the office.
  5. You can rearrange the results of your website through the help of WordPress. If for example, your site is not in the first page of results online, then you can optimize the site by using wordpress.

After reading the above benefits of using WordPress, you are most likely debating whether or not it is worth it to pay money for extra plug-ins. Most well-respected business invest money in a few plug-ins because they know that the higher the quality of their products and advertising, the higher their chances are to gain new clients and a lager profit. If you want to earn money through your website, then you will have to invest more money. If you pay more for the services, you will have more options in terms of design aesthetics and layout. You will also develop a professional reputation for your business, which will generate more spending. Before you invest your time and money with WordPress, you need to be sure of your financial budget and goals and then choose the right option for you.


WordPress – Website design without the tutorial

Have you ever wanted a website but you just could not make heads or trails out of that web design tutorial that you were reading. The web design that you can really use without the needs of tutorials, or expensive large hosting, or huge bills for the theme designer, is probably WordPress.

Even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, even if you don’t know a single thing about online or webwork you can still get online and start making a passive income from your website in a very short time.

WordPress big software can be literally anything at all that you want it to be. It can be very complex and very intricately accomplished, or it can be as simple and uncomplicated as you want it to be. WordPress is built to be what you want it to be. Simply great CMS or blog software, uncomplicated easy to use and still looking fantastic. If you like to code, WordPress gives you every opportunity to replace, rebuild and recycle, but if you don’t know a website from a wallaby, then you are in luck because it will give you a beautiful site without knowing a single line of code.

You WordPress is easy to setup, its easy to use, it has a low learning curve and it’s simply outstanding as a wa to make money. To get started in WordPress all you really need is a simple WordPress tutorial, you don’t need a website design tutorial at all. WordPress negates the need for a great many things, when you’re new to WordPress you simply install in a five minute time span and find a free theme that you like, or one of the man hundreds of no-charge professional or business themes that exit online today.

Your WordPress installation will take nominal time and the installation of your theme that will make the WordPress installation your own is literally effortless. Select the theme that you would like, click the installation button and in most cases you can install the theme that you want with the flick of a mouse button.

Your small business website was never easier to create and learning to use it is easier still. The last things you’ll need is a web design tutorial when you start to work with WordPress. With a little common sense, and a little time, you can craft professional looking sites with WordPress, built it out with our own content and be selling affiliate products by the end of the week.

WordPress is designed for the more innovative user, the creative users, and the new users to be able to use equally well and to offer them a website venue that can be used as a blog, a Content managements system, or both. Plugins will extend the functionality of the website, and give you the many different kinds of functions that you might need. No web design tutorials necessary. WordPress is an out of the box answer to your website needs.

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Website Redesigning process and services

Redesigning a website

The process of redesigning as website involves editing the physical looks of the web pages and modifying the code to make it more user friendly to gain more traffic. The ultimate aim of website redesign is to improve the time, the visitors would stay with our webpage before they navigate to another search and also about making the users to visit to your website again.

Search Engine Optimization for website redesign

There are a few factors which have to be given importance while redesigning a website. The primary characteristic is the page load time. The visitors to your website may get irritated when it takes a long time to load pages. It is necessary to alter the code if you have such problems. The second parameter is the content which you have in your website and the degree of its uniqueness. You can make necessary amendments based on the feedback for your website. You can be a visitor yourself and write down what alterations you feel that users would like. The third parameter is the people needs. You would not have given enough importance to the keywords searched by people. You can alter your keywords and make necessary corrections in the content accordingly.

Website redesign services

You could modify the content in the website better than the companies that do redesign services but when you want to improve external factors like navigation to your website, (i.e.) how are visitors able to find your website, or factors like redirecting to a new website with URL modifications, then the website redesign services come to your rescue. These companies are specialized in coding that the spider of the search engines would look through while crawling your website. They help in improving your page rank and increasing traffic for your website. The price for website redesign varies from company to company, and depending upon the worth of your website, the magnitude of content and the requirements you need in terms of search engine optimization.

Important points to remember in redesigning process

Sometimes there are chances for your website to lose traffic if the redesigning is not done properly. Therefore you must be very careful in this process and make sure everything is done properly. The cost you incur for redesigning the site must be worth it. It is necessary that you test yourselves as a user and check if you find differences after the redesigning process.

Some tips in redesigning

Social bookmarking can be very useful for users to find your website. There are several social bookmarking sites like twitter available, which you could use to promote your site. You can add links to SEO directories to improve visibility in search engines. Significant care must be taken to update the contents because visitors do not want to look on outdated information. Adding forums in your website can help you as well as the users. Maintaining constant touch with the users by adding options for them to subscribe to your news-feed, information etc. can be helpful. Thus by redesigning your website, keeping in mind all these parameters, you can enjoy more traffic and improve your page rank in the search engine results.

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WordPress Redesign Services

To begin with, audiences along with website visitors will definitely first notice your design and layout. Your entire website’s appearance stands out as the window to your company’s image. A professional and trendy as well as an eye candy look to your website are essential to your on-line presence.

Your website might appear spectacular yesterday however with the current advancement and techniques emerging, you could possibly decide to start a redesign in WordPress. Modernizing your website’s overall appearance and feel contributes to much more credibility which is a catalyst for an increased amount of visits however you must be concern in precisely what your website has to offer.

The main goal of redesigning and designing a website in WordPress would be to capture the attention of emerging visitors as well as gratify existing users or perhaps members. There’s really no far better strategy to sell a house rather that re-stage them. Consider yourself as real estate agent and therefore resell a house, the very first house that will get sold would be the one which happened to be re-staged and also refurbished nevertheless, older houses sell as well however in discount prices. These kinds of principles likewise apply to you. Whenever a particular guest visits your outdated website surely the first thing the do is to pass through and search for a good looking one. Your content makes no difference when your web page is hideous.

The content of website matters most, an attractive woman or a good looking man gives the impression of good from outside and which man of us admire however when we realize he or she isn’t as gorgeous on the inside, we lose out interest to that person. Inside your web page should not simply look genuine but in addition believing. The web templates in which we are generally working with will most certainly be stunning. The navigation panel is requires to be accessible along with the information and has to be ample and precise. Consider ecommerce website redesign to be of assistance and promote products along with services that happen to be stacked with absolutely no usage not to mention never earning income from it.

The best website design acquires significant marketplace share upon the online marketing industry. Selling product as well as converting website visitors towards revenue; take full advantage in order to generate sales on you masterpiece. The perfect positioning of products must be ideal and noticeable by guests but not to the extra that it is littered with the product that you are selling and will look disorganized.

These are part of webpage the new web templates and what best website design will greatly improve.

  • Homepages
  • Landing Pages
  • Application Dashboards
  • Product Pages
  • Search Results Views
  • Users Profile Pages
  • Complete Website
  • Simple Sign
  • Up Pages
  • Site Management Module
  • Adding Effects & Animations
  • Photo Galleries & Slideshows

Plan on how you website redesign in WordPress:

Look for suitable design that is suitable for the product and services you resemble. Construct updated graphical design with relevance, consistent and provide identity. The visuals including images layout design and color should be in relevance with your product or may be catching.

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Choosing a WordPress Website Design Service

WordPress website design isn’t just about pressing the install button in your hosting control panel.

There are lots of behind the scenes considerations that affect your website.

WordPress is an incredibly flexible website design program. It handles all sorts of things and makes it easy for your or your designer to be in complete control.

Which means it can be akin to being a child in a sweetshop who wants everything in sight.

But often, less is more and it pays to resist the temptation to add every conceivable bell and whistle “just in case”.

The first thing to remember is that WordPress separates the different elements of your website design:

  • Page Content
  • Website functionality
  • Website look and feel

This is usually good but it can mean that amateur designers confuse the various areas and don’t get the most benefit from the flexibility offered.

Page Content

This is actually the most important part of any website design service.

Yet often it’s neglected or left as an afterthought.

The problem with that approach is that it doesn’t matter how good your website looks if people don’t find it.

And one of the most common ways they find your site is through a Google search.

Google and the other search engines will index all the words on each of the pages on your website and will do their best to match them with what individual people are searching for. They will do the same for other elements on your website such as images but they don’t do anywhere near as good a job with these as they do with words, so remember that the written content on your website is far and away the most elements.

Being really blunt, if your website designer tried to tell you otherwise, it’s time to rethink your choice of designer.

Website functionality

The initial WordPress installation gives your website some basic functionality.

WordPress offers extensions (called plugins) to improve and modify the functionality.

Some of these cover the basic things such as how your website is presented to the search engines- a variety of SEO plugins offers fine control over this and can help get your website found more often.

Others cover how WordPress works, including some behind the scenes techie thing such as making sure that unwanted hackers find it difficult to compromise your website and move elsewhere to easier targets.

Yet others add extra functionality such as contact forms (amazingly, that’s not built in to the base installation) as well as extras such as booking diaries, photo galleries and almost anything else you could possibly want from a website.

Your website designer should know which of these are essential for every single WordPress installation as well as which ones are suited to your particular needs.

Website look and feel

Although this is often the part that people spend most time on, I’ve left it until last.

If your website is brand new, the look and feel is the least important part.

Unless you do some major publicity, for the first few weeks or months the only people- apart from Google- looking at your website will be you, your employees and maybe some friends and family.

What this means is that you can take some time to think about the look and feel of your website and adjust it at a later stage if you want to.

That said, you’re likely to want to make sure that your company logo and colours are reflected in the website design from the outset.

Website Redesign and Maintenance Services

Today, there are thousands of web design companies that promise to offer exquisite services but some of them end up disappointing. Therefore, you need to know to tell a good web design company even before you engage them. Here are some pointers to guide you:

Company’s qualifications and skills – It is important to take into consideration the skills pool of the company before hiring a webs design company. These include database design, SEO and flash animation among others. The more divers skills set a company has the better because it goes to show their credentials in the field.

Even then, don’t stop at the skills rather, go a step further and find about the competence of the web designers. This information can be found in testimonials from past clients or through referrals. Be sure to ask questions to ensure that the company truly meets your needs.

Portfolio – Taking a look of the portfolio of a company is an easy and quick way to determine the credibility of the company as well as their ability to offer good services. Looking at the portfolio gives insight of their style of web design thus you can tell if their portfolio has similar looks. Even then, do not base your judgment on the first impression rather go deeper. Ultimately, you need to go for a company whose portfolio has websites with a different and unique design because it shows how creative they can get when you engage them.

The Cost vs. value for money – The cost of having your website designed is another important factor for consideration. You can draw comparisons on the costs between different web design companies vis a vis the service they are offering before settling for the best offer. Do not settle for a company that charges very little for its services yet does not deliver on quality. Most importantly, check with the company to be sure that there are no additional charges that will come up along the way other that the initial quote.

Website maintenance and redesign services – Although many people overlook this, you need to keep in mind that you are not a web design guru. Therefore, always find out of the design company offers maintenance and website redesign services especially if you will need to have your website updated regularly or redesigned after sometime. You also need to ask how this will affect the overall cost of getting your website done.

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Is it Advantageous to have your own WordPress Website, or is it better to get one on WordPress?

If you want to create a website, in this day and age ignoring WordPress is a severe mistake. WordPress has several advantages, it gives you a readymade interface to put your content on the internet. It is extremely flexible and can be tailormade to any business or service WordPress is the easiest and the widely used content management system on the internet. It is used by 30% of websites all over the world. WordPress has plugins to enable search engine optimizations, Google analytics integration, to create contact forms, to enable XML creation for Google sitemaps, and many other possible uses.

WordPress is best installed on an independent website, because the online reputation that you create for yourself when you make your website is something of immense value. If you create a domain name and post all your important content on it, you will rank in Google and yahoo, and other search engines. If you do that on WordPress.com all that reputation gets attributed to WordPress, not your domain name.

You should be conscious of this loss of your reputation to WordPress, if you don’t create your own independent website. This is important for anyone who wants to create a long term website. Creating a WordPress website independently is extremely cheap. You can probably start at under a mere $60 per year. It would involve virtually the same amount of work, and would be create a longer term reputation for your website, and brand name for your customers.

That being said, anyone intending to create their own website, should try out the WordPress interface on WordPress’s website. That can give one a significant insight into the working of WordPress, and help one overcome the learning curve, in regard to WordPress.

A basic on page search engine optimization package from an average SEO provider would cost anywhere between $200 to $300. You can literally get that for free, by merely using WordPress. All the steps undertaken by a basic SEO package provider are generally included in WordPress by the very virtue of the script itself. You get free long from html links, tags, title tags, site descriptions that you can edit yourself.

If you get your own website, and a domain name with it, you can create your own email addresses. You can give out email addresses like info, or admin, or user. This makes your business, look immensely more professional. You also get the ability to upload files that are large like PDF files, or video clips etc. You can then send these out, or embed these on your website.

For a small price, you get a great deal in having your own WordPress hosted website. It takes about 5 minutes to install and get up and running, if you have thought of your own domain name. But if you need professionally designed website, then you must hire a professional and reputed wordpress design company who can build you site from bottoms up.

bespoke wordpress website

Why you need a bespoke WordPress website?

Getting a bespoke WordPress website could be among the best decisions you will ever make for your website most especially if you’re running a business site. A bespoke WordPress page website can substantially help you in many different ways. It’s no secret that most people look at WordPress as a mere blogging tool and platform. This is forgivable given the fact that majority of WordPress users are bloggers. The term WordPress has almost become synonymous with the word “blog”. However, WordPress can be even more than just a blogging tool if you know how to use it correctly. WordPress is hands down one of the very best content management systems (CMS) out there these days. And it has proven it’s worth time and time again. There is a reason why millions of webmasters out there prefer using WordPress than any other content management system. WordPress speaks of quality and reliability. It’s as simple as that.

There’s a plethora of themes and templates that you can choose from but the thing is that there are probably thousands of sites that are already using these themes/templates. There would be no originality on your part if you were going to use a template that’s already being used by others. This is why it’s very important that you get a bespoke WordPress design. This will set you apart from all others. Don’t forget the well-known Internet concept of “standing out from the crowd”. The better you are in differentiating yourself from the others, the better you will be. Being unique is the name of the game. Nobody will give your site a second glance if it looks like everybody else’s.

Obtaining a WordPress custom theme may be as hassle-free as searching on Google but it’s not that easy to add your own content into it. With that said, it’s recommended that you get someone to create for you a unique WordPress design. It does not matter whether you have the entire content ready to be added. Getting somebody to get the project done will save you from a lot of hassle and stress. The bottom line is that you get the design you ant without having to figure it all out by yourself.

A bespoke design will also show that you are different from all others out there who simply purchase a template and utilize only the standard settings. A customized theme will take you a level over your competitors. Among the things you should consider when having a design customized include the custom header, the background image or color, the fonts, buttons, widgets, navigation, and overall color and layout. Also, never forget to inform your designer on the nature of your site if it’s a basic website, a blog, or an ecommerce site.

A bespoke WordPress website will take you a long way. IT could mean more traffic, more sales, or a boost in online reputation. To maximize the results you get from a theme redesign, it pays to mention that you hire a professional and experienced designer or firm.